The story

In 1989 Pierrot Buffadini, whom we see as our father, set up our company. It started as a family affair called Buffadini and Son. It quickly became a small and medium enterprise. Currently, it has sixty employees, both male and female, who deal with installations in the sanitary, heating and electrical sectors. At first, the Buffadini tandem always moved around together catering mainly for repairs. Subsequently, heating plant manufacture developed slowly but surely. After that sanitary installations and heating plant, together with electrical work, joined the main stream. Today, just as they always have, father and son tackle any specially difficult cases together. We combine experience and knowledge of new techniques that together offer customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the dates that show how the company has progressed.

- 1989

Pierrot and Jean Paul Buffadini set up the company P. Buffadini & Son in the family home.

Pierrot Buffadini had already become a head mechanic with many years experience and great expertise in his profession. This meant that the circumstances were just right for him.

- 1992

In just three years the company made a name for itself and needed larger offices. This was when the move to the address, Route de Thionville at Bonnevoie, took place.

- 1996

Four years later the Company’s offices had once again become too small. This meant a move to Hamm, Rue de Bitbourg, for the sake of better working conditions.

- 1999

Once again, the company expanded. Again, there was not enough room, so we decided to move to Bonnevoie, Rue de Mondorf, where we stayed until 2005.

- 2005

The biggest move in the company’s history was to 65, rue des Bruyères at Howald.

- 2009

The 20th anniversary of the company.

We have twenty years of experience just waiting to serve you.

Our engineers, employees, technicians and office staff are there to serve our customers. We have an emergency roster twenty-four hours of the day and seven days of the week. Behind us lie twenty years’ experience and expertise, while our service team is young and dynamic.