Here we have restructured everything. We can offer you individual solutions for your whole house. It does not matter whether you are renovating your house or have built a new one. We will supply you with everything that runs on electricity. What do we stress more than anything else? Our KNX system will last you far into the future when it comes to universal intelligent controls for your dwelling. We have specialised in wireless techniques as well.

Our technicians will be delighted to advise you on everything to do with lighting, roller blinds, both manual and electric, together with temperature control and air conditioning in your own four walls. Today, safety looms ever larger. Do you want to feel safe at home? We can offer you individualised alarm systems. Protection of the home includes smoke detectors. These invisible guardian angels are wired in such a way that they are discreet and yet offer the maximum degree of protection. We have not left out communication and sound systems either. We have built music into the walls. It sounds perfect and the design is easy on the eye. We can offer you even more. We will wire up for you multimedia components networks and the like.