Renewable energy and the environment

Solar systems for ecological heating and hot water on a domestic scale. We offer a complete package for thermal solar systems based on tubes and flat collectors for providing hot water and some of the heating, together with photovoltaic cells for generating electricity.

Heat pumps that offer renewable energy

We have a range of partners. Together with them, we will carry out for you all the drilling operations needed. Nothing is more effective than the heat Mother Nature supplies! We have on offer a vast range of products, including passive equipment, that is compact and perfectly suitable for the home. It includes setups that are mounted in cascade providing power of up to several hundred kilowatts. We will steer you towards solutions that are best adapted to your requirements.

Pellets and burning wood for heating

We guarantee a supply of heat for dwellings and the most complex installations. Buffadini is able to offer you complete packages for supplying heat.
Burning wood provides renewable energy and is an ecological alternative.